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All Eyes on Me Optometry is located in the Dimond district 5.6 miles from Downtown Oakland.

In the past 10 years, Oakland has transformed from a city with a past filled with social problems and urban decay to one of the most thriving urban areas in America. The change is seen on many levels: residential, economic, cultural, and more. This article will explore the Downtown Oakland revitalization and what is in store for this up-and-coming part of the Bay Area.

All Eyes On Me Optometry loves our city and we offer this article so you can see how we are part of this community and give you a guide to our relationship and location within this beautiful city.

A Historical Overview of Downtown Oakland

Downtown Oakland has gone through many changes in the past century. For instance, before World War II, the area had many warehouses and industrial buildings abandoned by businesses. There was a lot of poverty in the area because it had with low-income housing. With the introduction of BART, many office buildings came to Downtown Oakland. The area became home to some of the country’s largest financial institutions, including banks and investment firms. With new jobs came a huge influx of residents to this part of town. This is what many people know as “the golden age of Oakland.”

The city borders San Francisco to the north, Berkeley to the east, Emeryville and Piedmont to the south, and Alameda County to the west. Downtown Oakland is a popular area for tourists because of its historic buildings and unique culture. The area is also known as the “theater district” because there are many theaters, restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels and shopping centers located in this part of town. Downtown Oakland has become a major destination for many visitors who come to see the vibrant nightlife and cultural attractions.

Oakland is known for its large Asian community, which makes up 40% of the city’s population. The large Asian community in Oakland consists of over 30 different ethnic groups that include Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Filipino and Vietnamese people. The large Asian community is one of the main reasons why Oakland has become a cultural center for the country. The city’s diverse population and culture make it an attractive place to live, work and visit.

Oakland City Hall is located in Downtown Oakland, on the corner of Broadway and 13th Street. There are many important government buildings, public schools, and libraries nearby.

Oakland City Hall was designed by architect Palmer & Hornbostel in 1910 and is the home of the city’s municipal government. It is considered to be one of the finest examples of Beaux-Arts architecture in California. The building is noted for its grand staircase, which is located on the south side of the building and is accessible from a public plaza.

In 1974, this land was officially designated as historic district and was called Oakland City Hall Historic District. The district included the old Alameda County Courthouse, the original city hall (the “Old City Hall”), and some other buildings such as a fire station.

Downtown Oakland is a great place to live. It offers a variety of restaurants and cafes, the waterfront, professional sports facilities and plenty of entertainment options.

Downtown Oakland is home to many different kinds of food trucks. These mobile restaurants offer a variety of different kinds of food, including gourmet cuisine and fast food. The food trucks in Oakland are typically very popular amongst the residents of Oakland, especially those who live in the Downtown area. Some of these food trucks have become so popular that they have restaurants nearby as well.

Many people visit Downtown Oakland for its art galleries. There are several different kinds of art galleries located in this area including museums, private collections and public art installations.

There are several different types of entertainment located in this area including movie theaters, art galleries and nightclubs including:

  • The Oakland Paramount Theater
  • The Joyce Gordon Gallery
  • The Good Mother Gallery
  • The New Karibbean City
  • The Oakland Art Museum
  • And more

Downtown Oakland Public Transportation

Some of the best public transportation in downtown Oakland is found on the Bay Area Rapid transit. BART is an above ground subway that goes to Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, Union City, Fremont, and Richmond.

The Downtown Oakland bus system is very popular with people that live in the area or work in the area. The buses run along Martin Luther King Jr. Way and Lakeside Drive. This service is operated by AC Transit, who also operates the other public transportation systems in Oakland, CA

Oakland has several bus routes that travel through Downtown Oakland. City buses are operated by AC Transit, which includes the 71, 72, 74, 76, 77, 78, 86 and 87 routes. BART also operates a city bus route that travels between Downtown Oakland and the Coliseum station.

To get from Downtown Oakland to the Dimond District, take the Skyline Boulevard exit off of Interstate Highway 880. Follow Skyline Boulevard for about six blocks until it turns into El Portal Drive. At El Portal Drive, take a right onto Park Drive. Follow Park Drive for about ten blocks until it turns into Van Ness Avenue.

Neighborhoods in Downtown Oakland include:

  1. Downtown Oakland
  2. Chinatown
  3. Uptown
  4. Old Oakland
  5. Lakeside
  6. Jack London Square
  7. Telegraph Avenue and Broadway Corridor

How many people live in Downtown Oakland?

.There is no official count of the population in Downtown Oakland, but the estimate is that there are about

  • Total Population 4,564
  • Male Population 51.77 %
  • Female Population 48.23 %
  • Median Age 36

Main attractions and landmarks in Downtown Oakland include:

The Oakland Convention Center

The Oakland Convention Center located at 550 Broadway (aka the George P. Scotlan Memorial Convention Center) is located near Broadway and 10th Street (#1A). The Oakland Marriott City Center is located right next door (#1B), and includes 483 guest rooms, 25,000 square feet of meeting space, taking the total area to over 100,000 square feet. Oakland’s convention center is managed by Marriott City Center with additional services provided by the Oakland Convention & Visitors Bureau. It’s famous for being the previous home of the world chamion (2015, 2017, 2018) Golden State Warriors training center on the top floor.

Directions from the Oakland Convention Center to the Fox Theater

  • Oakland Convention Center, 550 10th St, Oakland, CA 94607
  • Go southeast on 11th St to Broadway
  • Turn left onto Broadway. Go .2 miles.
  • Turn left onto Telegraph Ave.
  • The Fox Theater will be on the left at 1807 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94612

The Fox Theater Oakland

In the 1970s, Oakland’s Fox Theater was a leading concert venue in the Bay area for punk bands. The theater is founded by Andrew and his father George A. Schaefer on October 10th, 1927. In the 1980s, the theater fell into a state of dis repair. In 1987, Andrew Schaefer decided to take action and reopen the theater as a venue for live music once again.

The Fox Theater Oakland is located at 1332 Telegraph Avenue in Downtown Oakland, California. It’s steps away from Jack London Square and Lake Merritt Park, both popular destinations for locals and tourists alike. The theater has an old school feel that people love about it.

Directions from the Fox Theater to Lake Merritt

  • From the Fox Theater, 1807 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94612
  • Head south on Telegraph Ave toward 18th St
  • Turn right onto Broadway
  • Turn left on 11th St
  • Stay right to stay on 11th St
  • Use any lane to turn right onto Lake Merritt Blvd
  • Continue onto 1st Ave
  • Turn left onto Lakeshore Ave and arrive at Lake Merritt, Oakland, CA

Oakland Lake Merritt

Oakland Lake Merritt is a large body of water in Oakland, California. The lake is fed by several rivers and creeks, including the San Leandro Creek and the Oakland Estuary. The lake is used for recreational purposes such as swimming, fishing, boating and sailing, as well as sewage treatment.

Lake Merritt hosts several popular events throughout the year including Summerfest. During this festival, there are many activities including concerts, art shows and food vendors. This lake also hosts sailing competitions.

Directions from Lake Merritt to Jack London Square

  • Lake Merritt, Oakland, CA
  • Go east on Lakeshore Ave toward 1st Ave
  • Take 12th St to Jackson St
  • Continue on Jackson St to Broadway
  • Turn left onto Broadway arrive at Jack London Square

Oakland Jack London Square

Jack London Square is a waterfront neighborhood in the heart of Oakland, California. It was named after 19th century author Jack London who lived in the Oakland waterfront area in his youth and who spent a lot of time at Heinold’s First and Last Chance Saloon.

The square has housed many military ships over its history that have helped put Oakland on the map. Today the Oakland waterfront is home to the Port of Oakland, an international seaport that handles 44.5 million metric tons of trade each year. The seaport was originally established by the city in 1868 and was purchased by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 1937. In 2006, it became a part of the Port of Oakland and is now run by the Oakland Port Authority.

The Port of Oakland imports over 99% of the containerized products coming into Northern California each year. The port is also responsible for running Oakland International Airport, one of the largest airports in California.

Directions Jack London Square to Oakland’s Preservation Park

  • Jack London Square Oakland, CA 94607
  • Head northeast on Washington St toward Embarcadero West
  • Turn left at the 2nd cross street onto 2nd St
  • Turn right onto Martin Luther King Jr Way
  •  Arrive at Preservation Park at 1233 Preservation Park Way, Oakland, CA 94612

Oakland Preservation Park

The site of Preservation Park (2 blocks) started out in the 1870’s as an upscale residential neighborhood made up of elaborate Victorian homes. The construction of a new freeway near the site threatened to remove many of the neighborhood’s beautiful Victorian architecture. The City of Oakland fostered a developement to take out all but five of the old Victorian homes and replace them with new, Victorian styled contemporary buildings. While there were some challenges in creating a neighborhood that was compatible with the City’s vision for Oakland’s downtown area, the site proved to be well suited for this approach. Preservation Park has since become one of the most successful and unique urban business districts in California

Directions Jack London Square to All Eyes On Me Optometry

  • From Preservation Park 1233 Preservation Park Way, Oakland, CA 94612
  • Head northwest on 12th St toward Preservation Park Way
  • Use the right 2 lanes to turn right to merge onto I-980 E toward CA-24 E
  • Use the right 2 lanes to merge onto I-580 E toward Hayward
  • Take exit 23 for Fruitvale Ave toward Coolidge Avenue
  • Turn left onto Fruitvale Ave
  • All Eyes On Me Optometry will be on the left at 3417 Fruitvale Ave, Oakland, CA 94602

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Events In Downtown Oakland

The Oakland Arts and Soul Festival

The Oakland Arts and Soul Festival is a celebration of African American culture that inspired the Black Arts Movement. It began in 1966 as a small gathering on the streets of Berkeley, California, but now takes place every year along Frank Ogawa Plaza. The festival brings together musicians, dancers, artists, food stands, and there is even a parade!

The Oakland Autumn Lights Festival

The Oakland Autumn Lights Festival is a popular event that takes place in Oakland, California in early October. This celebration is known for its street fairs, food vendors, music, and of course the colorful lights. The colors are lit up throughout Children’s Fairyland in an artistic presentation to bring everyone closer together.

The Oakland Black Cowboy Parade

The Oakland Black Cowboy Parade is an annual event in Downtown Oakland that celebrates the contributions of African-American cowboys, as well as honoring those who have passed on. It is a day to remember the people and stories behind this remarkable group of pioneers who made their way through rugged terrain with horses and cattle.

Oakland Pride Parade & Festival

Oakland Pride Parade & Festival is an annual event that takes place in Oakland, CA. The festival includes a parade, live music, dance parties, workshops about LGBTQ+ issues and gender expression. The festival began in 1990 when the city of Oakland recognized Pride Month. The first parade was in 1991.

Oakland Ghost Tours

Oakland Ghost Tours is a guided walking tour of Downtown Oakland, California, near 4th St. where you can learn about the history and legends surrounding the many ghosts that inhabit this city. These tours are led by members of paranormal societies who are knowledgeable about local ghost stories.

Oakland First Fridays

The Oakland First Fridays festival is a large and vibrant street festival held the first Friday of every month, and is set in motion by a local community council. It began when Art Murmur, run by a mayor-appointed coalition of local gallery owners, became so popular that people that it began to be neighborhood wide. It transformed into “The 23rd Street Fair” put on by the Rock Paper Scissors collective. After this major event attracted positive attention, they decided that they really needed to do something with the space next time around. And so began the Oakland First Fridays Festival.

Oakland is a beautiful city. We love the people and we love the businesses in downtown Oakland. We hope you enjoy this wonderful place to live and play.

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