Museum of Children’s Arts

Part of the Oakland community is the Museum of Children’s Arts in Oakland CA. We love supporting the unique culture of our city and highlighting places to go while you enjoy your healthy sight. As such we enjoy talking about points of interest and providing information that helps place our community.

If you’re looking for a fun day out with the family in Oakland CA, look no further. This city is full of family-friendly attractions, including the world-famous Fairyland amusement park, which is a local favorite. Families can also take in the natural beauty of the area by visiting the Oakland Zoo or visiting the USS Potomac, a museum dedicated to the 32nd president of the United States. Make sure to reserve tickets in advance for some attractions, though, because they may have limited availability. You can visit the Museum of Children’s Arts at 1221 Broadway LL, 49, Oakland, CA 94612.

Using the power of art as a learning tool, MOCHA collaborates with artists, educators, parents, and students. Arts education is a vital part of young people’s social, emotional, and cultural development. Over the years, MOCHA has improved the lives of nearly a million children with hands-on art learning experiences through our school, community, and museum programming. We have witnessed the transformative impact of art on children’s creative thinking and cognitive development.

MOCHA is a fantastic attraction. While this museum focuses on educators, artists, parents, and students, it also showcases social, emotional, and cultural development of young people.  There are many interactive exhibits and workshops for children of all ages, so you can be sure to spark a lifelong passion for creativity in your child. MOCHA has helped almost a million children with interactive art.

Oakland’s zoo is dedicated to conservation and education. It has recently reopened its Valley Children’s Zoo with a variety of animals, interactive exhibits, and live performances. The Oakland Zoo is also known for its elephant exhibit, which is a national icon. There’s also the Eat Real Festival, which showcases locally-sourced, artisan-food products, and the Black Cowboy Parade and Heritage Festival, which honors the area’s contribution to the West.

Oakland has a long history of progressive causes. Historically, the city served as a vibrant open-air classroom for African-American history. The Black Panthers, who were active in the civil rights movement in the 1960s, were based in Oakland. The legacy of the Black Panthers is visible at several landmark sites throughout Oakland. There are self-guided walking tours available to help visitors learn more about this rich history.

A visit to the Children’s Fairyland is another highlight of the day at the Museum of Children’s Arts. Located next to Lake Merritt, Children’s Fairyland was established in 1950, and has long entertained children. It is also reputed to have inspired Walt Disney. Various sets inspired by classic fairy tales are included in the museum’s exhibits. There are interactive, storybook sets that are perfect for the imagination, including the famous Alice’s rabbit tunnel and the kid-sized Jolly Roger pirate ship. Don’t forget the beautiful gardens too!

The Chabot Space & Science Center is another great option for families in Oakland. This museum features interactive galleries and exhibits. Visitors can view astronomy, science, and the heavens through the use of interactive features. If you’re looking for an science museum in Oakland, this might be an excellent choice for you.

If you want to grab a bite to eat at the Museum of Children’s Arts, you might want to check out the Chop Bar in Jack London Square. The restaurant serves breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, and its menu includes locally-sourced foods. Its bar serves craft beer and drafts as well as fine wines. You can also enjoy custom cocktails, fresh juices, and a selection of wines at the museum’s restaurant.

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